International Earth Day

2020-04-22 12:00:00

Every year, 22 April is celebrated not only as a big, but also as a truly universal holiday - International Earth Day - the day of our common cozy house.

This holiday was celebrated in 2009 year at the 63rd session of the General Assembly of the United Nations (A / RES/63/278-the number was established in the resolution, sponsored by more than 50 states of the United Nations) and has been celebrated since 2010 on 22 April.
President of the 63rd session of the General Assembly Miguel D'escu Brokman
“The announcement of this International Day in its resolution is a confirmation of the commitments made by the Earth and its ecosystems to provide our home, humanity with life, as well as at the UN conference on the environment”
that said. Therefore, in order to achieve a fair balance between the economic, social and environmental needs of present and future generations, it is necessary to ensure harmony with nature and the planet earth. The decision also states that the term" Mother Earth " is adopted in many countries, it reflects the relationship between the planet, its ecosystems and people. The General Assembly invites all UN Member States, international and non-governmental organizations to celebrate the "International Earth Day" and draws attention to the fact that this day is celebrated annually in many countries.
In the northern hemisphere, the Earth Day is celebrated in the spring, and in the southern hemisphere-in the autumn. The main purpose of this event on a global scale is to attract the attention of society and everyone on the planet to the problem of the Earth, its environmental problems and to give mankind the opportunity to know about the difficult tasks facing the planet's Salvation.
The tradition of celebrating Earth Day 22 April appeared in the US in 1970 year, in 1990 year this day became an international event. In addition, every year this day is devoted to a specific topic. The celebration of the Earth Day in 2016 year coincided with the date of the signing of the climate agreement in Paris, which was adopted by all 196 parties to the UN Framework Convention on climate change in Paris on 12 December 2015 year. Under this agreement, the states jointly agreed to limit the increase in the average temperature to 2 degrees below 1,5 degrees Celsius and sought to achieve this level, taking into account the serious consequences.
Our land-what is it?
According to estimates, the planet earth is about 4,5 billion years old. If you want to travel around the Earth and walk along the equator, then you need to travel almost 40.010 kilometers. The distance from the earth to the center is 6378 kilometers. In addition, really solid rock rocks (lithosphere) are about 70 kilometers and, depending on the interior, we observe the semi-liquid and liquid state.
The Valley of death in Kalifornia and El Azizia in Libya are listed as the hottest places on earth. The record level of El-Azizia is 57,8 degrees (13 September 1922 year), the record in the valley of death is 55,8 degrees (10 July 1913 year).
Antarctica is recognized as the coldest place on earth - 1983 year on 21 July in the Antarctic Research Center "Vostok" recorded -89 degrees Celsius.
The Earth is very rich in minerals - scientists have already classified about 4000 types of minerals, about 200 of which are of practical importance. Every year 50-100 types of minerals are discovered.
There is only one natural satellite on earth - this is the moon visible to the eye.
Mother Earth Day 22 April, just like the Earth Day, which is held on the day of equality on Earth, will allow those who live in all corners of the planet to thank our common common home.
Every year, scientists from different countries of the world gather in this round table to discuss global environmental problems. Different events and promotions are organized on a particular topic in different countries. These are conferences, visions, the closure of motorways in the streets of gavjum of large cities, the purification of the territory and the planting of trees.

According to tradition, the International Earth Day in Uzbekistan is a day of public organizations that conduct various natural events and actions on this day.
Quarantine in our country today. But this does not mean that you should not celebrate the holiday. At the same time you are at home means that you have a good chance to beautify your own yard!
Let the holiday be blessed!